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The film director is re-visiting Lechovo, a small village in Northwest Greece and her family’s place of origin.

Among the men the main profession traditionally has been the building trade and since the economic recession around seven years ago they were the first to lose their jobs. 

As there is no tourism in this part of Greece the downfall of the building trade has become an existential threat to the people, community and culture of this small village and a microcosm of many of the problems being faced across Greece. 

LECHOVO is about work, the effects of losing it and how the inhabitants of a small village are trying to re-adjust to their changed situation. 

Their love for their work and their efforts to overcome a downward-spiralling financial situation are at the centre of this film, which gives space to the lives of Lechovo’s inhabitants, their present and past and possible futures. 

Focussing on the people themselves, their faces, their work and the wild nature surrounding them it becomes clear that emigration is becoming again, as in the 1960s and 70s, the only possible option for many of the inhabitants of Lechovo.

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